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What does one do in an emergency? Will doctors be available in the hospital

If you are dealing with an emergency at home, please call our Emergency Hotline number 96996-96997. This call will be answered by our Intensivist who is on duty at the hospital. He will advise you on what to do at that point and guide you to the nearest hospital and may even help with calling an ambulance for you. Doctors are present in the hospital round the clock, at your service.

What information do I need to bring with me to the Hospital

All previous reports / medication / prescription from your family doctor or previous admissions (if any) should be carried while you are getting admitted.

What are the patient visiting hours

Sunita Hospital does not have any specific visiting hours, but only one relative can meet the patient at a time.p>

Are children allowed to visit patients

Children below 5 years of age is not allowed to visit.

What is the mode of payment

At Sunita Hospital, payment can be done by Cash / Debit / Credit Cards / company cheques

Can the room be retained, if the patient is shifted to the ICU

Only if available and charges will be levied for retained bed also.

What is the system of billing

Bed charges billing cycle is from 9.00 am – 9.00 am

Can we buy medicines or consumables from outside

Sunita Hospital does not give any oral medication. These need to be purchased from the Chemist. Only injectables for In-Patients are given. We do not permit replacing of injectable medicines.

Can we get nursing facility at our home for patients who cannot walk

This can be arranged after due consultation with the hospital management.

Where should I complain in case of any grievance

If you are unhappy with any services offered at Sunita Hospital you can call on 8082777715 / 9833871071. If the call is unanswered due to unavoidable situations you may drop in a text message or email on care@sunitahospital.com

Do you provide ambulance services

Sunita Hospital has a tie up with Ambulance Service Providers. We can arrange on your request and the ambulance charges have to be paid directly to the ambulance service providers.

Will there be a TV in my room

TV facility is available in special rooms (Twin Sharing & Deluxe Rooms)

Will the hospital send a phlebotomist for collection of blood samples

You may call on 7666068788 for booking this facility. Please make sure that you tell the blood tests required to be processed and the convenient time for the technician to visit you.